Life on Dorms

By Tyrone Davis

Recently Resident Director, Rosemary Harris spoke about some important information pertaining to life on dorms, about how the laundry cards work, how the rooms should look and what actions are likely to get students kicked out of school.

Harris said that all students receive a laundry card. “They are given the instructions on how to activate the card and add money to it. They are then sent a code to enter at the laundry machine, which adds the amount ordered previously” she added. The laundry machines are available 24 hours and are located in the lobby of Raiders hall as well as the resident director building.

Dorm rooms should be presentable and clean. The room should smell clean and look less cluttered. Also garbage should be removed when necessary. A lot of on-campus students complain about how junky and filthy their roommate is, which causes problems.

One of the most important things students need to know about dorms is the points system. If a student gets at least 10 points, then they can get kicked off dorms. Certain action causes students to receive points. Physical violence and the use of drugs or alcohol results in the most points. Another way to get points is to not take care of your room and leave it messy and smelly.

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