Technology changes, future construction part of FM projects list

By Isaiah Bermudez

Improvements to campus ,classroom and technology last summer totaled about $800,000 , according to Dr. Swanger.

New servers, Ethernet cables were part of the change . President Swanger has “Future Plans” for the college bookstore.

For the new students to FM and for those returning here, Many improvements have been made to the school these past several years. For instance, Raiders Cove, Which is set up like a sports bar without the alcohol, is only a year and half old. Raiders Hall wasn’t always a residential suite for students, Several years ago, it was a huge parking lot for students living in Fulton and Montgomery Hall.

The renovations of the lunchroom has changed dramatically as the décor of the café makes students feel welcome to eat and relax.

Dr. Swanger talked about future changes. One will be expanding the waste water treatment facility for a future College Town project, explains the financial side of the sewer project can probably be a $1 million. Safety Project which affects everyone who steps foot on campus. The project entails fixing signage and replacing classroom doors. The expansion of the college bookstore is another project. The plan is to move the College bookstore to the first floor . These projects are projected to start in the year 2015.

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