Think Peace Club Calendar Project

Matt M

The Think Peace Club consists of students working to make the college a better, safer place.

One way the club achieves this is through the Think Peace Club Calendar Project. This project asks employees/students to submit quotes to John van Bladel, club advisor. He makes up his own monthly calendars on word documents online hoping people can understand that it is possible to identify and dispute irrational or maladaptive thoughts, psychologically known as cognitive restructuring. He said this project is currently under development but once it is finished you can see the calendar quotes when he sells them throughout the campus. Find him in his office in C-115K to submit written quotes.

The club has four goals to promote peace through patience, equality, awareness, civility, and empathy; promote nonviolent methods of resolving conflicts; respect the dignity, diversity, and human rights of all people; support the practice of civility individually, in the school community and in the local community.

Van Bladel and the president, Morgan Brownell say in unison, “People have shown tremendous amounts of courage avoiding stereotypes associated with being in this group. The club gives students an opportunity to surround themselves with others like them and work for a common goal.”

The members contribute in some way from practicing civility and compassion to being supportive members of society. The club partners with the Civility Committee, Sustainability Committee, and any other groups that support civility/human rights. The club also participates in activities such as the International Day of Peace, Random Acts of Kindness Day, International Human Rights Day and others.

The club meets at noon Wednesdays in C-219. Visit them on Facebook at: FMCC’s Think Peace


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