Bathroom vandalizing at Fulton Montgomery Community College.

Matt M

     Bathroom vandalizing is coming to a head at Fulton Montgomery Community College.

     Students or staff are urinating on toilet seats causing major concern for everyone who attends the college.

Some bathrooms are worse than others which is not an excuse because janitors work hard to keep the bathrooms clean. It’s not by accident either because whoever is urinating is purposely trying to hit the seat, from the way the toilet seats are.

Urine is a liquid produced by the kidneys to remove waste products from the bloodstream. It is made up of 95% water, 9.3 g/l urea, 1.87 g/l chloride, 1.17 g/l sodium, 0.750 g/l potassium, 0.670 g/l creatinine, with lesser amounts of other ions and compounds.

There is a video on YouTube showing people how not to urinate on the toilet seat, It’s not just here because there are people everywhere who hate the fact that people purposely aim on the toilet seats. According to the custodial worker at Fulton Montgomery Community College, “I’m Steve Gardner, the things I wish students should stop doing with the peeing on the toilet seats, not flushing the toilets, the only civil thing to do would be flush the toilets, put the toilet seat up.”

Watching celebrities pee on movies, TV, gives the incentive for others to urinate because they think it’s funny. Studies show people watching their heroes urinate poorly in bathrooms makes them want to. There are stories online about why people urinate on toilet seats explaining that hovering is difficult in and of itself, and accurate aim is near impossible, so all too often, some urine gets on the seat. Courteous people wipe it clean, but lazy people leave it there.

Janitors are upset along with the entire campus because they know this needs to be stopped. People won’t use the bathrooms anymore.

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