Find a Job at College Central

By: Armondo Jimenez

College Central is a website that FMCC uses that helps students find job openings around the New York area that best suits their major.

Students currently enrolled to a college using the site can register through their college using their student ID. The site will let them search specificly where the jobs are, jobs that relate to their major, and many other search options.

After a student finds a job title he or she is interested in, the website will give details on the job. The job description explains everything about what the job entitles you to do. The jobs will have certain requirements that you must acquire before you apply for the job such as type of degree and special skills. There will be information for you on how to apply for the job or to contact the employer and company.

Some of the jobs can be a paid or unpaid internship. Businesses do not have listings from all states, but many of them are posted for states around New York.

The site is basically an easy to use search engine that helps you find the job you want as soon as you graduate. Most students that were asked around the campus said they haven’t even heard of the site. One student suggested that teachers should help advertise the website by telling their students in their class.

You can access this website at and register with your college’s student ID.

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