Lunches that Improve the School

By Isaiah Bermudez

Leadership Lunches are an Invitation only lunch between the leadership team and a random selection of 15 FM Students. Gwendolyn Ossenkop, Coordinator of Student Activities and Director of the College Union, makes the selection of the students for the lunches. The meetings take place in the boardroom in College Union once a month

The Leadership team consists of President Dustin Swanger, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Greg Truckenmiller, Vice President for Administration and Finance, David Morrow, and Executive Director of the Foundation, Lesly Lanzi

President Swanger explained the Leadership Team would often ask open-ended questions and try to keep students at ease so they may say anything on their mind. Leadership Lunches is more of a conversational lunch where the students get to eat with staff and talk about their likes/dislikes of the college.

President Swanger said the Lunches have gone very well. The Leadership Team learns more about the students and listens to their opinions on what should be improved or needed at FM. President Swanger said the students have a hard time finding their college given email address and ask to find a better way of promoting the email address. Another suggestion from the students was an evening transportation buses for the students.

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