County Innovatives Emergency Preparedness

By Tim Everhardt

After the natural disasters that have hit the area in recent years, the Montgomery County Emergency Management Office has come out with an innovative way to help citizens be prepared in case of an emergency.

At a press conference in September, County Executive Matthew L. Ossenfort and Emergency Management Director Jeffery T. Smith announced the creation of the Montgomery County NY Emergency Management Office app. The app shares feeds from County Emergency Management Office’s Facebook and Twitter, gives local forecasts and weather alerts, a sign-up for NY Alerts and emergency preparedness resources for eight different kinds of emergencies.

“We all want Montgomery County citizens and businesses to be better prepared, in the event of another emergency,” says County Legislator and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Joseph M. Isabel. “This app is something that every resident can have ready and use during an emergency.”

The app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet through your device’s app store.

Click here to view the full press release from the Office of Montgomery County Executive Matthew Ossenfort.

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