Importance of College Email

By Isaiah Bermudez

Do you remember the Gmail account the school gives each student?

It is very important to check your college email regularly for updates of your classes, important advisory updates, and the opportunities the school provides.

Did you know that the school has provided each student the opportunity to receive Microsoft All in One for free? All registered students are given the chance to register for Microsoft All in One in your college email.

The email contains all the information needed to create an account with Microsoft. Once registered, you will be able to use the software for free.

The use of college email is not only for scheduling appointments. It is a great way to easily contact your professor about any questions you may have or receive feedback on work. One day you would probably need a letter of recommendation and they will ask for you to provide them with information through the college email.

It is difficult to email professors with your primary email because in the SUNY system, your email pops up as spam mail. Spam mail is considered to carry viruses.

The college urges students to use their college email while trying to contact any college faculty member.

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