Say hello to Reggie, FM’s new mascot

By: Tyrone Davis

Reggie            Reggie, FM’s Pirate mascot, appears at the college’s home basketball games. With the new addition of a mascot, the FM basketball games are much more lively and fun for the fans even during timeouts and halftime breaks. Reggie usually is dancing around the gym, taking pictures with fans or pulling tricks on fans.

He was introduced during October’s Midnight Madness event. Midnight Madness was an event held by the Men and Women’s basketball teams. During this event fans got a first look at both teams as they scrimmaged. The event started out introducing all of the players from both teams one by one and then introducing the new mascot.

The person inside the suit is second year student Khaleeq Baum. He has been the mascot since the basketball season started in November. Baum is known around campus for dancing and being active bringing good school spirit, and there was no training required to be the mascot. As of now, it’s unclear about who will be the new mascot next year after Khaleeq is transferred to a 4-year school.


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