Valentine talk


Valentine days which is February of each year, it is celebrated in many countries around the world. It began as a celebration for Christian saints named Valentinus. Several long stories were told about the tale of Valentines Day that belonged to February 14.

One was about Saint Valentine of Rome stating that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry Christians. The emperor thought single soldiers performed better. According to legend, during his imprisonment, he healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Different people stated that before his execution he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell, which sparked valentine day.

It evolved into a big deal in which lovers and friends expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering favors, pampering and sending cards. Valentine day is the one day of many days of the year where everyone stresses what he or she are going to get their significant other or someone they like. According to the total amount spent on valentine day is $18.6 billion. It is also the day where you try to impress everyone in your life with buying the most expensive gift.

Does the price make it a memorable gift? Is the price really important? Is it really about the thought of caring for someone or has Valentine day turned into a day to just throw gifts in people face for limited happiness?.

If your not one of those people There are many ways to “ball on a budget” without breaking your pockets while getting him or her something for valentine day. Ball on a budget means to set yourself on a budget and to buy many things within the budget without breaking the bank. These are a couple of gift ideas under $25 dollars. A couple of inexpensive gifts for him would be chocolate covered strawberries, a nice watch, a nice personalized chain, custom pair of boxers, personalized m&m’s, special donut, pastries, charging phone case, fitted hat, music speakers.

Some inexpensive gifts for her can be Post-it notes of All the things you love about your spouse in the shape of a heart with candles around it & a box of chocolates, personalized teddy bear, box of chocolate covered pretzels, personalized necklace, personalized m&m’s, pastries. Other gifts you can get are if your significant other is into photography is a lens for your iPhone or android. More gift ideas would be a cool pixel heart heating mug, make a framed group of photos that put your relationship in chronological order of events by months or years depending on the longevity of your relationship, write “I love you because” notes and insert them into any other object throughout your home for your spouse to capture each message.
Other idea can be to just make a nice dinner. Some valentine day recipes are honey-mustard chicken pasta, spicy shrimp with coconut sauce and white rice, Baked Chicken alla Milanese. Dessert options could be strawberry shortcake with any flavored ice cream, bread pudding with whip cream and X & O’S sugar cookies.
Want privacy here are some ways to get them. There is always the “ sock on the door “ trick. Call out work just for one day for you and your significant other to spend time in the house alone before the kids or anyone comes to interrupt. Get a hotel for the night don’t tell anyone where you are. What’s better than that you get a nice room with a balcony after dinner and to spend alone time. Book a couple’s massage, what’s better than treating your significant other and treating yourself at the same time.
Just remember Love and gifts is not meant to be given and received on just Valentine’s Day. Instead, it’s to be practiced every single day of the entire year to everyone in your life.

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