FM’s Basketball teams’ ends at Regionals

By Tyrone Davis

FM’s Men and women’s basketball team were bumped in the first round of the Regional Tournament this season.
The men’s team earned the 8th seed, and the women’s earned the 4th seed.
The first game of regionals for the men’s team was against their rival, Herkimer. This would be the third time these teams played each other for the season. The first two meetings between them came down to the final seconds. Herkimer beat FM both games by just 1 point.
This third game between the two seemed to be like the previous two games for the first 30 minutes. The largest lead was 7 points by Herkimer until about 10 minutes left to go. But as time went on Herkimer’s height advantage drove them to a big lead and they won by 15.
FM finished the season with an overall record of 15-13.
The first game of regionals for the Lady Raiders was against Jefferson Community College. During the first meeting between them, FM won by 7.
This game turned out to be an upset, as Jefferson defeated FM by 18.
The Lady Raiders had the lead early, 14-10, but then Jefferson fought and had an 8 point lead at halftime. They kept the lead throughout the game and pushed it even further. The Lady Raiders finished with a record of 17-9

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