Communications students exercise their skills at the YMCA

by Devin O’Shaughnessy

Photo by Devin O’Shaughnessy CEO Steve Serge interviews a student of FM, James Swanger, about the Communications Program.

Students of FM’s Advanced TV Production class had a chance to experience first hand what it takes to put together a production for a client within a short amount of time.

Pete Lawrence, vice president of Member Services at the Fulton County YMCA, asked the class to visit on Oct. 1 to film various aspects of the facility.

“Knowing FM is as leader in producing excellent students in Broadcast Media, it made sense to partner with them to develop our commercials, and we could have not been more pleased,” Lawrence said.

The class’s professor, Elizabeth Press, acted as executive producer and explained to her students the client was YMCA, who wanted the class to make commercials, and b-roll footage, which aired during their annual telethon Sunday, Oct. 18.

The class was divided into groups, and given topics to film upon arriving on the scene. Some topics included daycare, aquatics, seniors and the fitness center.

Each group was responsible for their topic and getting footage to edit together in “packages,” which were used throughout the telethon, to show viewers what goes on at the YMCA.

The groups were given one day to film, and the next few days to edit.

The experience helped students learn both the pros and cons of field production, including bad lighting, or a little to no action happening.

“This opportunity afforded to myself, as well as my class has been an eye opening experience,” said Winnie Blackwood, a student in the Advanced TV Production class.

“While in class we have been doing projects, going out into the real world and making materials for an actual client is a totally different thing. I now have an inkling of what will be expected of me outside the classroom and in the real world,” said Blackwood.

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