New Student Union for 2016

attributed to the Leader Herald

Fulton County’s Board of Supervisors passed plans on improving Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Student Union in 2016, with a budget of $2.33 million.

The board voted on proceeding with the project after a recommendation from the Finance Committee.

Rick Argotsinger, Mayfield’s supervisor and committee chairman, said the project will start next summer.

FM’s President Dustin Swanger made sure the project would not interfere with campus activity.

Argotsinger said, “Like all projects, they like to do it when there’s the least amount of disruption at the campus.”

Board Supervisors approved of bidding on the project. Sealed bids are to be received and opened by 2 p.m. on Feb. 3 and March 14.

Construction begins April 1 and should be completed by October. JMZ Architects, based in Glens Falls, entered a design agreement with supervisors in April over the project.

The new addition will be one story and 4,560-square-feet. Construction will be in front of the Student Union; the FM bookstore will be relocated and the space will be used for student meeting rooms.

The project will also improve the dock-dumpster area and connection to the bookstore.

The air quality in the Student Union lobbies and basement spaces will also be renovated.

A new elevator will be installed in the basement, while replacing the fire alarm panel and renovating the ground floor bathroom.

The board classified the project as a Type II action under the Environmental Quality Review Act. Type II actions are projects which are determined to not have a significant environmental impact.

The board needs no further action to be taken, officials stated.

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