Welcome to Wall Street

by Cara Bas

FM’s Wall Street Club took its annual trip to New York City on Nov. 13. About 30 students, along with professors Laurence Zuckerman and Frank Yunker toured financial institutions, saw historical landmarks, and dined at cultural hubs. Professor Yunker designed a walking map for the trip.

Students traveled into Manhattan on a Brown Coach which left campus at 6 a.m.

Their first stop was at Argosy Financial, a two-year-old financial currency trading firm on Wall Street. Students learned how the firm operates, and received advice on financial careers.

Photo submitted by Cara Bas of the Wall Street Club at Trump Building in Manhattan.

At The American Museum of Finance, Zuckerman showed students a 1980s QUOTRON stock terminal display. Zuckerman said he had used the same system when he was a stockbroker with Shearson Lehman Brothers.

While wrapping up with dinner in downtown Manhattan, the group learned of the Paris terror attacks, which occurred that day. Zuckerman noted that on last year’s Wall Street trip, the city was locked down due to the search for the Boston Marathon bomber.

“It was a sad version of déjà vu all over again.” Zuckerman said.

“That said, the Wall Street Club remains and will return to the financial capital of the world,” he added.

Professor Yunker said that the club has discussed changing the agenda for future trips.
“We’re thinking of going to the center of the universe – Times Square,” he said.

The Wall Street Club visited Philadelphia last spring, but there may not be room in their budget for a trip this spring.

Zuckerman said a possible solution would be a collaborative trip with a club that has surplus funds.

“We’re looking to partner with another club for a trip to Philadelphia. We can do joint fundraisers,” he said. Zuckerman added “If we can’t go to Philadelphia this spring, we might start alternating New York and Philadelphia every fall.”

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