Show your creative side with Art Guild

by Catherine Hladik

FM’s Art Guild is currently underway with preparing their Annual Student Art Show, among other activities.

The Annual Student Art Show aims to showcase current FM student work, in any medium.

Students may enter four pieces of work for $5. Each additional piece entered costs $1 more.

Students are expected to mat their work, if accepted in the show.

The deadline to enter work is April 20. The show will open on April 27, alongside the opening of the Foggy Mountain player’s new show, “Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night”.

The club also picked up a piece of the World Trade Center late last year, and are using the antennae piece as material for a 9/11 memorial on campus. The memorial is expected to be finished by July 1.

A fine arts exhibition entitled “The Unconscious Mind” will be held in Gloversville at the Chamber of Commerce. The show aims to “venture deep into the minds of FM students” through their “dreams, emotions, fantasies, and intuition.” FM’s Art Guild will be assisting the show.

Entering “The Unconscious Mind” requires no entry fee. Students may submit up to five works, e-mailing them to Maria Licciardi at, in .jpeg format.

The deadline for entries into “The Unconscious Mind” is Feb. 22.

The Art Guild meets every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in room N-109.

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