“Step” into Black History Month with Soul Steps

by Kaitee Horstmann

Black History Month kicked off on campus with a step dancing performance by Soul Steps in the theater Feb. 4.

Soul Steps is a group out of New York City that has been performing professionally around the world for over 10 years. Soul Steps came to FM to share their rhythmic dancing and African-American pride with students.


Photo by Kaitee Horstmann of members of Soul Steps.
Photo by Kaitee Horstmann of members of Soul Steps.


Maxine, one of the dancers, explained the origins of step dancing during the show. She said it began on college campuses where black students in fraternities and sororities came together in the center of their campuses and step danced to demonstrate their African-American pride, as well as to show their “togetherness.”

“Through step dancing we are bringing life to that history,” Maxine said. “We are looking back to know where we are going.”

The group discussed step dancing in relation to Black Lives Matter and dedicated one of their dance routines to the movement.

Genesis, another member of Soul Steps explained the struggles of African-Americans today.

“We find ourselves raising our hands up for strength,” she said before they began the routine called, “Hands Up.”

After a few routines, FM students joined in on the fun and danced with Soul Steps.

Between Soul Steps, the students on stage and the clapping and stomping of the audience, a musical rhythm and plenty of smiles radiated through the theater.

Photo by Kaitee Horstmann of members of Soul Steps.
Photo by Kaitee Horstmann of members of Soul Steps.


One of the students to jump on stage was Cali Rene, and it wasn’t her first time step dancing. Rene is a cheerleader at FM, and she said they do step dancing on the team.

“I absolutely loved the show, and I think step dancing would be a good thing to have here at FM,” she said, “It’s definitely an important part of black history and plays a big role in representing
African-American culture.”

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