Appreciation for the “diner” things

by Foody Moody

For your next meal out, if you’re looking for a place with more character than fast food chains, but less formal than a fine restaurant, then a diner is the perfect choice. Diners are nostalgic and memorable. They offer good selection, and are often open when other places are closed.
Here are reviews of two meals at two diners located within 10 miles of FM:

Miss Johnstown, 28 East Main Street Johnstown, Open 24/7.


Miss Johnstown is a small trailer with vintage fixtures and a kitschy atmosphere. The staff is friendly. The coffee arrived fresh in a heavy ceramic mug – no free refills, but a second cup is just 50 cents. French toast, available in thick or thin, was moist and fluffy. The sausage patty was flavorful and did not taste processed. The highlight of breakfast was the generous serving of fresh -cut home fried potatoes Right-sized cubes were cooked to perfection with just the enough onion flavor.
Rating: 3/4 stars




Palace Diner, 62 South Main Street Gloversville, Open Monday to Friday 7am -3pm; Saturday 6am-12pm; closed Sunday.


Purchased in 1923, this old railroad car is busy and fun. The staff is attentive and talkative. The roast white meat turkey was fresh and tender; with a sagey white gravy on top. The cucumber salad, a Palace specialty, was refreshing but a little too sweet. Coffee is brewed strong.
If no tables are available, sit at the counter. Don’t miss out on the Palace.
Rating: 3/4 Stars

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