Ted Cruz: Toddler Baby Killer?

By: Briyanna Thomas-Price

Many people have seen this. Many people question its legitimacy.

The first claim of Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer came from a user on Twitter, who claimed they read a speech of his, titled, “This is the Zodiac Speaking.”

From then on many people started looking into this Internet phenomenon, pushing the idea that he is in fact the Zodiac Killer.

Many people say that it’s not possible because Cruz was born in 1970. Despite him being a toddler at the time of these killings, he could have very well been a toddler killer baby.

According to thewrap.com, “Thirty-eight percent of Florida voters actually think Ted Cruz might be the Zodiac Killer, a so-far unidentified serial killer who came to notoriety for a series of slayings in northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.’’

Floridians presumably think this way because Cruz closely resembles the famous killer.

Some Twitter users even believe he’s the Zodiac Killer because he’s actually never said he wasn’t. This leads them to affirm he has something to hide.

If Cruz is indeed the Zodiac Killer, we will probably never know.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fake article, April Fool’s from “The Gateway”!

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