“GoFMCC” is a “No Go”

by Cara Bas

The college’s blog and social media site “GoFMCC” was shut down.

“We gave it a try, but it did not get the response FM had hoped for so we are working on other marketing ideas. I did want to thank each of you for all of your blogging efforts and hope you continue to keep blogging about FM on your own social media.” Amy Radik said in an announcement on Mar. 17.

“GoFMCC” featured student blogs, social media links, and event announcements. It was designed to promote the college and publicize campus life.  The site was maintained and designed by Shannon Rose, a graphic design firm.

FM’s Associate Dean for Student Recruitment and Admission, Laura LaPorte said,

“One of the main goals of  GoFMCC.com was to serve as a student engagement site for prospective and current FM students. Students were encouraged to post to the site using “#GoFMCC”, unfortunately it never gained in popularity.”

According to LaPorte, blogs did help prospective students learn about campus, but there was a lack of social media interaction.

“That piece of it was missing. Students could have talked back and forth with each other. That part never caught on. I think it was a success with students participating in the blogs. Students were re-posting them,” she added.

Both Radik and LaPorte said students are encouraged to keep blogging and posting about campus life on their own social media sites.

The FM marketing team is developing ideas for a new social networking site. LaPorte said at this point, there are “no firm details to reveal.”

She also recommended students sign up for FM’s mobile alert service to be contacted when a new initiative is launched.

Students can sign up by visiting MyFM or stop in the Students Development Center to complete an form.

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