New dorms open in 2017

by Tsugumi Mizutani

FM will close their international students’ dorm at the Microtel in Johnstown, and open a new dorm at Campus View in 2017.

The new dorms will be built across from Campus View.

FM started to house the international students at the Microtel two years ago. All the rooms on the third floor are used as their “dorm” rooms.

The rules are the same as those at Campus View: no alcohol, no smoking inside and frequent Public Safety checks. However, paying a more expensive fee, students have housekeeping twice a week and free hot water and coffee. Towels, toilet papers and tissues are also provided.

Students are living in a hotel with usual customers. Customers on the second floor have complained that the students are noisy and disturbing their sleep.

Yaxin Gao, who was lived in the Microtel last year said, “Me and my roommate stayed up late and were watching movies. Then a security man suddenly came to my room and told us that they got complaints from the room right under my room.”

“They said our footsteps when we walked were so noisy and they couldn’t sleep, but we didn’t even move. When we walked [it] was only when we went to the bathroom,” she added.

As the number of international students are increasing every year, available rooms for students in Microtel are lacking, as well.

Students are complaining over the higher dorm fee than Campus View and the new requirement to ride the bus.

Considering these points, FM finally decided to end their business with the Microtel.

Arlene Spencer, FM’s international students advisor said, information concerning the new dorm is located at

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