Got “pot”-holes?

by Winnie Blackwood

Pulling into FM, cars can be seen drunkenly zig zagging in order to dodge the many potholes that plague the college’s parking lots.

“There are potholes out there that are pretty nasty, and I think part of it is looking out for them, kind of steer clear if you can,” said Joshua Fleming, director of facilities of FM’s Buildings and Grounds.

Photo by Winnie Blackwood One of the many potholes in Student Lot B.
Photo by Winnie Blackwood
One of the many potholes in Student Lot B.

According to Kelsey Johnson, a student at FM, it can be difficult to dodge them. She even had a flat tire because of the potholes

“I don’t know about anyone else, but you just don’t see it until you actually hit it,” Johnson added.

Fleming does hear complaints about the size and the amount of the holes from students, faculty and staff.

The main cause, he said, is due to the age of the lots and the plowing in the winter.

While Fleming does acknowledge the holes that plague the lots, some worse then others, there is only so much that can be done.

Fulton and Montgomery Counties alternate each year to come and patch up the problem areas.

Fleming said the last time this occurred was last spring.

If there is a section that is particularly bad before the county can take care of it,

Buildings and Grounds uses Cold Patch, a product that can be found at the hardware store. The repair material is difficult to work with and ends up being scraped back up in the winter, though.

“I feel like every time I go over them, I’m going to smash my car. It’s just annoying because it’s spring now and they should be gone, but they’re not,” FM Student Marissa Nellis said.

Another factor in patching up the holes is the lots needs to be cleared of cars, this may push back the date of the repair.

Fleming said he also hears complaints as to why the lots aren’t being resurfaced instead of just patched up. Through the facility’s Master Plan, a request of capital dollars from the county and state, FM is able to do so. There is a long list of things that are in need of being fixed on campus, with the money, including the boilers.

“If we lose the boilers and have no heat, we’re closing the school and nice pristine parking lots isn’t going to help get the campus running again. It’s just challenging.” Fleming said.

The resurfacing of the lots is on the list and Fleming does empathize with the drivers, since he also has to drive on them.

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