Slumping Raiders look to turn season around

by Nicholas Shafer

FM’s Lady Raiders softball team has had trouble all season long, but as of late they have slumped even further.

The Lady Raiders’ record for this season is 5-17.

Their lack of success this season can be attributed to their shortage of scoring runs. Over a six game stretch earlier in the season , they were outscored 119-2 giving up an average of about 20 runs per game.

Having hard times like this could have an effect on a team and the remainder of the season.

Head coach Meghan Power said, “We have been having fun and just making sure we improve and learn from the losses.”

With a team that has 11 freshman and only three sophomores, they are young and have a lot of time to improve for next season.

Power said, “I think we need to improve our defense and confidence going into games”.
She has the team doing some tee work and front toss drills.

She noted it was hard to hit live in practice because of the need to rest their pitchers for the remaining games.

The Lady Raiders have a final series that will be played against the State University of New York at Broome Community College and the time and place is yet to be determined.

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