Do You Know Mike Daly ?

By: Glenn Savarese

Mike Daly has been one of the Instruction and Public Service Librarians at FM for nine years.

When asked what brought him into the profession, Mike replied, “a combination of my love for technology, people and information.”

Daly said his favorite part of the job is helping and getting to know every student who comes by the Writing Center for assistance with research assignments and essay citations. Daly appreciates the diverse population here at FM and welcomes all students in need of assistance with their writing.

Daly is currently working with faculty across campus to get Open Educational Resources for students to use. These include e-books and PDF files which are cheaper textbook alternatives. He hopes that if students won’t have to spend as much money on books, they will be more financially able to take more of the courses that interest them.

Daly’s office is room L-101 next to the Writing Center in the Evans Library’s on the first floor. He is always here to help students and looks forward to seeing everyone this semester!


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