Ejerlin’s Advice

By Ejerlin Reinoso

The Ten steps to be successful at be successful at basically everything


College is a part of life that is full of term papers, intense study sessions and difficult moments which can sometimes bring us down. Recently after training at UPI, a marketing team in New York City, taught employees eight easy steps to be successful at marketing surprisingly these steps can also help with everyday life.


  1. Have a positive mental attitude.

A positive mental attitude helps you deal more effectively with day to situations. With a positive attitude the bright side of life becomes easier seeing


  1. Exercise time management

Keep track of time and calculate how much time is needed for homework and day to day errands. Buy a planner or use the calendar app to give a reminder of activities.


  1. Always be prepared

A person must have all of their materials and motivation with them at all times.


  1. Work a full day

Have a full day devoted to doing work and the future will be more easygoing.


  1. Work your territory correctly

At a job as customer service, the territory is people. In school, a student’s territory is their brain. A student should know how their brain works; if they are a visual learner or hands on learner.


  1. Maintain a positive mental attitude

A times it becomes harder and harder to maintain a positive mental attitude throughout the year is very hard; somedays are harder than others. Try pushing out the negative and embrace the positive


  1. Know why you are here and where you are going.

“Your why should make you cry”. Whether it is to make someone proud or to defy all the stereotypes and standards; write this down somewhere where it’ll be seen every day to help inspire you.

  1. Take control

Don’t get distracted by the little things in life, take control of what really matters.


  1. Have fun

Your day should be 80% work and 20% fun


  1. Teach.Duplicate

Have a special skill that can be taught to someone, teach them. And then they could do the same one day; keep the cycle going.

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