FM Debuts New Fall Sport

By: McKenna Palczak


Picture of Jenn Hazzard

Photo courtesy of

Co-ed Cross Country has been added to FM’s sports roster this fall, exciting news to runners on campus looking to join in on more extracurricular activities.

Cross country is a long distance team sport with races on grass, turf, trail, and dirt terrain.A typical high school cross-country course is a 5k which is roughly three miles, where as in college the course is stretched to an 8k which is roughly five miles.

Our team is made up of six runners a new coach, Jen Hazzard, who has high hopes for the team’s future.Hazzard said, “My hope is that by next year we will have twice the numbers.” She said this upcoming season is primarily “to get our feet wet, and experience the meets”.

Cross country is a sport that is both mentally and physically tough, with long meets and difficult races. However, teamwork is always present, and Hazzard says she hopes to build on that.


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