FM Welcomes a New Club!

By: Kaitee Hortsmann



Students gathered in the quad on Thursday, Sept. 8 for FM’s annual club fair, where different clubs on campus encourage students to embrace the college experience and get involved in a club.

Clubs including the Art Guild, ASL Club, GLOW, Communications Club and many more were all there and ready to recruit new members.

One table in the quad on Thursday was something new to campus. The club is called the Black and Latino Student Association, or BLSA. Although it is not yet an official club on campus, student, Kimane Patterson is already promoting meetings and preparing events as the club’s president.

The mission of the club is to unite students from all different backgrounds and share cultural experiences.

“I’ve spent my whole summer planning this” said Patterson. He and his vice president Chantel Vactor are planning events including open panel conversations, open mic night, and even an end-of-the-year fashion show.

“We want to create a safe space where students can feel comfortable sharing their life experiences and create a sense of community” said Patterson. She added, “We feel like it’s necessary. We want people to see each other’s lives from different perspectives.”

“You don’t have to be black or Latino to join” said Vactor. “We are just trying to bring everyone together, while bringing more black and Latino culture to campus.”

Patterson and Vactor hope to see the club bring even more diversity to campus and increase student enrollment and retention through their efforts.

The group meets on Thursdays at 4pm in the basement of the Student Union. All students are welcome to attend meetings.

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