FM Welcomes Veteran Speaker

By:  Jennifer Tran


FM welcomed Vietnam Veteran speaker, Dr. Gus Kappler, on September 12 as part of a weekend memorial celebration at FM.

Dr. Kappler gave a speech about his experiences in Vietnam and the physical and mental changes that happen to people in war.

Dr. Kappler’s talk was based on his experiences when he served in Vietnam from 1970-1971 as a trauma surgeon at the 85th Evacuation Hospital. Dr. Kappler witnessed the physical as well as mental effects the war left on the soldiers. He also talked about a preventive approach that he advocates would inhibit the incidence and severity of PTS, PTSD, suicide, opioid and alcohol abuse.

Veteran club’s adviser, Dan Towne said, “As part of his preventive approach, the unit would meet and discuss their experiences and emotions prior to separation of discharge, and before the unit is dispersed.”

Dr. Kappler ended his speech, “The United States of America should be careful before we engage in any conflict because we have a precious generation of youth, and we don’t want to make them go through what was shown here [PTS, PTSD, etc.].”

Towne added, “Dr. Kappler was a key member of the committee that had a local Vietnam Veterans Memorial placed on campus in 1984. He was also a key member of the committee that re-dedicated that memorial on September 10, 2016.”

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