New “Goals” for FM Soccer

By: Taz Taylor

With school starting back up, this also means that sports are starting back up as well.  The men’s soccer team here at FMCC is looking to reach a goal that head coach Cory Leggiero has set for his team this year and that’s to win one more game, to score one more goal, and allow one less.  “Going into this year my staff and I were cautiously optimistic.  We knew we put the effort in on the recruiting trail, we were just hoping it all came together,” stated Leggiero.

Leggiero is going into his second season as the FMCC head coach and is looking forward to accomplishing something this year that he didn’t get to do last year.  He was put into a hard situation when he was hired so late.  He didn’t really have any time to recruit new players so he and his coaching staff look at this fall as their first true season.  Leggiero states, “We always want to win games at home.  But we just want to be competitive in every match.”

So far the team chemistry is doing fine.  The team has a great locker room lead by Austin Heroth and David Vandenabeele.  Leggiero mentioned that being a commuter college, team bonding can be very hard when 95% of your team lives off-campus.  The players do however really make an effort to do things outside of soccer together.

Some key players that have important roles on and off the field are Cameron Monks, David Vandenbeele, Yauza Arauz, Wolfgang (Wolfie) Reinke, Justin Estremera, Justin Marek, Austin Heroth, Greyson Mullins, Jack Albertin, and Aiden VanLoan.  “If you look at our stats we have seven different goal scorers, everyone has a major part in what we do here,” stated Leggiero.  He says that their starting eleven has given 100% in every game and practice.  He also states that without every one of their players, the soccer program wouldn’t be taking the major steps forward like it is.

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