Peek-a-Boo I See You!

By: Imran Suhail


FM will be installing new security cameras, but not the kind one would expect. This time the cameras will be placed on Public Safety Officers. Starting in late October, all officers will be wearing the new “body-cams” while on duty. The footage will be used to review any incidents and provide greater visibility into security operations on campus.


The idea was brought to the administration by Chief Mark Piece to address concerns around the use of excessive force by police. “It creates a baseline of irrefutable proof of any interaction between an officer and the community they serve,” said Deputy Chief of Public Safety Robert Richardson.  The FM Board of Trustees has also approved the change.


Officers at FM will turn on their camera whenever responding to a call. The cameras will also have audio, so conversations will be recorded as well. The footage cannot be deleted because it goes onto a hard drive that only a few will have access to.


“I think it’s a great idea because then there’s proof with what’s going on in the event,” said sophomore, Sammii Montanez, a criminal justice major.


“This will be a great tool to have because today’s times are different,” Dave Morrow, Vice President for Administration and Finance said.


This is primarily a proactive measure at FM, as there have been no incidents which have directly called for the introduction of body-cams. FM is hoping this will help students feel more comfortable knowing that Public Safety doing everything they can to keep everyone safe.

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