Club Spotlight : Word of Grace

By : Scott Robinson 

At FM students can join and participate in a multitude of clubs. Many questions arise when students are considering which club to join, such as, “What does the club do during their meetings?” “Why should I join the club?” “What opportunities will I have in the club?” To answer these questions, and a few others about the Word of Grace club in particular, I talked with the club’s president, second year general studies student, Becca Pike.


How would you describe Word of Grace?

It’s a good way to meet people throughout the college and honestly create some life-long friends that are empowering and encouraging to you. This is a judge-mental free zone, we just want people to know how loved and worthy they are. I would say that Word of Grace is a fun atmosphere that is a non-denominational club. We read out of the bible and do a lesson.


What is the purpose of Word of Grace?

The purpose of Word of Grace is to get people to form friendships and the ultimate goal is to grow in a relationship with God.


What does joining the club entail?

In joining the club there is no special ritual or initiation. You can pop in any time during the semester for as long as you please. There’s no commitment to joining the club, but we definitely try to make it interesting so the students want to come every week.


What type of events does the club organize or participate in?

We haven’t participated in too many events that I know of in past years, but this year I’m planning on doing more. I know last year they held two Christian concerts for free which was good and we are looking to do something similar this year as well.



What does the club name “Word of Grace” mean?

“Word of grace” means that we spread the word of God’s grace and how it never fails.


What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had during your time with the club?

beccapikeThe most memorable experience I’ve had with Word of Grace was forming relationships with the people around me. They were so strong that we went on a road trip one time, had a few girl’s nights out, like sleepovers or fancy dinners, and I know last year they went to BASIC Conference, which is for college-aged kids to learn more about God.

Word of grace is open to anyone who wants to attend.


Tyshaune Mack, the vice president of Word of Grace, says that he looks for the club to not only be a place where Christians can come to fellowship, but also where people who are not Christians can hear the biblical gospel and learn about Christianity.


The Word of Grace club meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays during common hour in room C-139.

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