College Romance

By: Devante Lane 

Dating while in college can be extremely difficult.

Long distance issues, lack of time for your significant other, and jealousy all play a part in the downfall of a relationship. Working through these issues can be challenging while trying to balance a college education.

Long distance relationships are difficult because not seeing your significant other can make the connection fade. Face to face conversations become facetime calls, you can’t go out on dates, and it takes more effort to make your significant other feel special. Plane and bus tickets are very expensive and it can drain your pockets quickly.

Being in a distant relationship can make the both of you feel like you’re growing apart, but in reality it’s making the both of you closer. Realizing how much you miss someone can make the both of you realize what you love about them.

Between homework, studying for tests, and trying to make friends, you barely have any time for your significant other. Homework and tests are essential in passing any class which leaves more time for studying and less for your significant other. Trying to balance a social life and a relationship while in college is hard because your significant other can see you spending so much time with others and start to feel unimportant.

Jealousy in a college relationship is another factor that may cause issues. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can begin to feel second to others in your friend group. This will lead to unpleasant arguments and unnecessary fights causing a rift between the two of you.

Some of these issues are harder than others to work through and it’s hard to see the bright side sometimes. However, if you really love your significant other you can work through it and continue to build. Overcoming these obstacles is challenging but can be worth it.

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