Flags of The World

By: Jennifer Tran 

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Photos By : Ryoko Sekiguchi 

FM’s student body is made up of nearly 100 international students from 25 different countries.

The Evans Library worked together with Students of the World club to greet new international students by hosting the Flags of the World event on Tuesday, October 11.

Ryoko Sekiguchi, Students of the World club adviser said, “FM welcomes students from all over the world, and it’s a diverse campus. We can promote conversations about diversity, and students can get to know each other.”

International students gathered in the Evans Library to pin flags of their countries on a big map. They linked their flag to the FM campus location with colorful strings.

Mary Donohue, the Library Director added that even though FM has orientation with students in the beginning of the school year, they wanted to make sure that new international students feel included.

Donohue added, “We have a Facebook, an Instagram account, and we hope to be tagged in those photos [on social media]. And, if students have an idea they would like to share, they can come to talk to any librarian, or Ryoko [Sekiguchi].”

Contact the Evans Library on: Facebook @EvansLibrary, Instagram @evanslibraryfm and Twitter @EvansLibraryFM.

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