FM Soccer Team Reaching “Goals”

By : Taz Taylor 

FM’s soccer team has found its rhythm after their first few games into the season. They started 0-4 but have picked up the momentum going 6-1-1 since.

“Joseph Perez in goal took over for Jordan Monette. That was a big change for us,” said Co-captain David Vandenabeele.

Co-captain Austin Heroth said that not only the goalkeeper changed, but in the beginning of the season the team wasn’t really connecting. Heroth said, “As the season progressed we became more and more aware of what we needed to do to win the games.”

Head coach Cory Leggiero said that there were no changes in terms of style of play or in their starting 11.

According to Leggiero, the team has accomplished the goal of winning one more game, scoring one more goal, and allowing one less. Leggiero said, “We’re on pace to concede less goals than last year, but I still think we’re conceding too many goals.” He said that the team isn’t 100 percent there yet but they’re getting close.

The team chemistry is progressing as the season goes along. Vandenabeele says, “We’re all really tight now. It’s like we all fit together like a puzzle.”

“Since we’re all commuters from the local area and played against each other in high school, we are now on the same team,” said Aiden VanLoan who was honored as NJCAA Region 3 Player of the Week on September 27.

“I was honestly in shock,” said VanLoan in response to hearing about getting this honor. “I never even thought it was going to be possible.” Not only was he happy to earn this honor, but his family and teammates were proud as well.

According to Vandenabeele, “FM is definitely back on the map.”

FM is currently looking at booking themselves a spot into the Region 3 tournament. Last year FM was 1-12. This year they’re looking at having a winning record. “[The] big change [from] last year to this year is obviously personnel. We’re really buying into coach’s system. We’re working for everything we’re achieving,” says Vandenabeele.

Leggiero concluded, “We’re nowhere near where we want to be, but we are going in the right direction.”

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