FM Theater : A Civil War Christmas

By: Scott Robinson

The FM Theater will present A Civil War Christmas on December 2, 3, and 4 in the FM auditorium.

A Civil War Christmas, written by Paula Vogel, is a holiday celebration set during one of the most crucial times in our nation’s history. The play follows the events that take place following different characters on Christmas Eve 1864. Some of the play’s characters are historical figures, such as, Abraham Lincoln and General Robert E. Lee, while others are purely fictional.

The show has a unique storytelling style with each cast member playing multiple roles and often narrating scenes. Although the play is not considered a musical, it contains much music, including traditional Christmas carols and period pieces, which are used to progress the story.

Professor Jason Radalin is directing the production. When asked about his vision for the show, Radalin said he wanted to embrace its storytelling style.

“The idea is that the actors are taking the audience by the hand and telling them this story, which is a true story of the civil war, but also has these interesting and unique characters,” said Radalin.

Radalin decided on the production because he wanted to do a Christmas play that would tell a different story from those people usually hear during the holiday. He said that he found the play and fell in love with it for its bizarre format and unique style.

The show has a cast of 20, most of whom are FM students, but other actors and high school students are also participating. The whole cast remains on stage for the duration of the performance and will flesh out different roles and scenes with quick costume changes and creative staging.

All the sets for the show will be designed and built by students in the stagecraft class (THR120), which is led by Anthony Rich. The class will also act as the backstage crew for the production.

A Civil War Christmas embodies the spirit of the holiday and offers a look into how those who lived during the Civil War may have celebrated it. A Civil War Christmas will be playing in the FM Auditorium on December 2 and 3 at 8 pm and December 4 at 2 pm. Entry is $5 for students with ID and $8 for the general public.



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