Hot Music Now: This Year’s “Bangers”

By: Bam Collins 


A lot of new music has come out this year from the some of the best new artists;

Lil Uzi Vert dropping two new mixtapes with Luv is Rage and Lil Uzi vs. the World, and Lil

Yachty dropping both Lil Boat and Summer Songs, along with Kodak Black dropping Lil Big Pac.

They all were all listed as the newest members of the XXL freshmen of the year list. While they were tearing up the summer with bangers, others were waiting for the vets such as Drake to release Views. Kanye also released The Life of Pablo and Travis Scott putting out

Birds in the Trap.

“I believe Kendrick Lamar had the album of the year,” said Chad foster, a general studies major here at FM as well as a Creative Director and label owner of Hikari-Ultra (Scum Gang 69). He added, “He brought back the funk and still manage to stay to his true way of music which is what I like.”

Eddie Santiago a, Music Producer /Engineer and an business major here at FM also stated “I like Kendrick’s album too and how he switched it up from old school funk to the new school trap flow, and still came out with bangers.”

Ricky Mitchell a former FM student and current singer/songwriter and producer stated “Album of the year was hard to pick but I have to go with Beyoncé. The way she was able to tell a story throughout the whole album along with her just making bangers out of them just goes to show how great she really is so I give it to her.”

Ruben Lawrence, an FM alumni as well as
beyoncenewa Creative Director and producer, stated, “Kaytranada debut album might be the best so far. I would choose Kay because he’s just a producer who makes deep house tracks but somehow he [was] able to make these songs filled with depth and emotions.”

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