Humans of FM : Elizabeth Willett

By: Jeanne Winton 


Photo by Jeanne Winton of Elizabeth Willett , Sophomore 


When I was in second grade my teacher would organize us by alphabetical order and because my last name starts with a W, I was always in the back; I could not see the board. The board always had the day, and the weather, and whether we were going to gym or art that day, and she would always pick a student to read it. We had to read it from our seats and she picked me and I couldn’t see it. So she said “Oh, if you can’t see it you can get up and come to where you can see it.” So I walked so close to it.

She said, “You really couldn’t see it?” and I said no. I went home and told my mom and she was like well we have to make you an eye appointment. I went and they told me

I needed glasses, and they said my eyes were relatively bad for a second grader. The next day going into school I went to tell my teacher, “Hey, yeah, you were right I needed glasses.” But as soon as I saw her I just broke down in tears. I was sobbing in her arms and she was holding me telling me that it was okay and glasses aren’t a bad thing. I was so upset. But now, going from getting glasses in second grade, to being a second year college student they’re kind of a staple now. I tried getting the contacts and everything, and I still have them, but I don’t know. I prefer glasses now, which is a thought that I never thought I’d have.

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