By: Lacey Cirtwell


Registration for the spring semester here at FM officially began Monday, October 3 and academic advisors are now available to schedule appointments.

Most students take advantage of the online registration convenience since desirable classes and times are more readily available in those two weeks before everyone else snags them up. Popular classes began filling up within just a week as some students noted seats were sometimes in the single digits.

Freshmen more often than not will rely on their academic advisor to help them make their schedule in a way that gets them the most credits within a decent time frame, but those looking to skip the wait on appointments can check Student Resources links to learn more about adding and dropping courses with Power Campus.

Advisement appointments can be made through AdvisorTrac (https://advisortrac.fmcc.edu/TracWeb40/Default.html) , another online service, or by stopping by the Student Development Center in the O’Connell Hall N-107. The office is open a standard 8AM-4PM Monday through Friday with evening hours until 6PM Monday through Thursday for anyone with a busy morning schedule.

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