Louis Colbert Report

By: Elizabeth Anderson

Controversy was sparked upon electing officers at last month’s FM Student Senate Association meeting.

Louis Colbert was nominated as Vice Chair of the student senate by a fellow student senator, and ran unopposed.

Before signing necessary paperwork, it was discovered that Colbert did not meet some of the necessary requirements to hold the position.

According to Gwendolyn Ossenkop, “At the time of acceptance of nomination, you must have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher, there is a paper that needs to be signed where we go over all of the job duties, and you must be in good standing with the college.”

Colbert was called to meet with Ossenkop and informed he would be removed from the vice-chairman position. “We had a lengthy discussion, and he had expressed interest in talking to members of other clubs…it was explained that if he would like to address the senate at the October meeting, he is more than welcome to do so,” said Ossenkop.

“I didn’t know at the time that I had to sign paperwork to solidify the position, so I was under the impression that once I was voted into the seat, the only way I could be taken out was if I went through the proper process of being impeached,” said Colbert.

Following his removal, Colbert sent a mass e-mail to all members of the student senate, informing them of his “impeachment” which was quickly followed by a clarification e-mail from Ossenkop.

“We asked him to come back in and unfortunately there was a lot of misinformation,” said Ossenkop. She then further explained to Colbert that an impeachment had not taken place, as he had yet to sign paperwork, officiating his election to the position of vice-chairman.

Colbert is still a member of the Student Senate Association, although he is no longer vice-chairman, and the club will elect a new vice-chair at the October meeting.


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