Movie Reviews

By: Marissa Nellis

The Girl On The Train


As someone who did not read the book before watching this movie, the thriller comes off as a dreary tale that’s not all that surprising. Elements of suspense and mystery are formulaic and predictable. This voyeuristic, melodramatic film is simply just good, with many elements chalking up to wasted potential, but Emily Blunt’s engrossing turn as the drunken wreck Rachel is sure to garner considerable praise. She was undoubtedly the best part of this movie.

The Accountant

★★★ ½

The Accountant is an unremarkable and typical Hollywood action flick that contains enough pop and pulp to make it an enjoyable one. Backstories are faulty, the twists are predictable, and plot lines seem to lead nowhere. However, the biggest achievement here is how good Ben Affleck is. He throws himself completely into his role as the autistic hitman and makes the film worthwhile.


The Birth of a Nation


Nate Parker’s biographical drama about Nat Turner and the slave revolt he led in 1831 is good, very good at times, but not the spectacular feat that many claimed it was coming out of Sundance. It’s a film made specifically for the Oscars and in doing so, it falls into the trap of typicality. However, the striking visuals and the importance of the story overshadow these flaws and make the film a worthy contender come awards season.

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