New Major a Possibility This Spring

By : Glenn Savarese


Website and Mobile Application Development is a new major in the works for the upcoming Spring Semester.

This new major will teach students how to make mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices (Ipads, Iphones, etc.), video games, also delving into the new technology of VR (or virtual reality) and creating professional websites from scratch.

Computer Information Systems and Computer Science instructor Julia Merritt will be the head of this addition to the roster.

“We have researched local industry and job trends and feel that this major will help our students prepare for the mobile technical workforce,” said Merritt.

She added, “As with all Computer Networking majors, the first year of coursework stays the same. During the second year at FMCC, students will be able to take courses such as Android Application, Apple iOS, and Intro to Game Design. I’ll be teaching Android Apps and Introduction to Game Design.”

Merritt added, “To the best of my knowledge, FM is the only regional Community College that’s pursuing this new major.”

Mary-Jo Ferrauilo-Davis, the Director of Advisement, Counseling, and Testing explained that the major “comes out of the faculty department after they do research into what job skills local businesses want, then it goes to the FM Senate. If they pass it then it goes to the Board of Directors, then it goes to the SUNY Academic and Programming Office in Albany, then to the State Department of Education for final approval. If they allow it, it is then put into place.”

Currently the major is at the State department, so it will potentially be available for students to take in the Spring Semester.

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