Perfect Perks

By : Samuel Feliciano 

Perks is a study program created by Ellie Fosmire at FM to help students better prepare for tests and projects in their courses, some including Digital Media and Business.

The goal of the Perks program is to help students better their academic scores and increase their understanding of the course.

Perks courses were decided on by program enrollment and the interest of instructors to help students. Perks managed to create six different courses to be used for tutoring. These courses are BUS, ELT, DMT, HLT, RAD, and NUR.

DMT Professor Joe Marcuccio said, “I encourage my students to take part in the Perks Program because it actually helps and a previous student who has taken the class tutors for this course.”

Past students as tutors become really helpful to current students. These tutors have a better understanding of what the students are going through while being in their program.

Also, having small groups for some of the tutoring sessions allows for more individual help.

For some of the sessions, you may even have access to the lab for your specific course, opening up an opportunity for students to work on what they need.


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