Phi Theta Kappa Welcomes New Members

By: Austin Comstock 

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Photos by Amy Radik 

The Phi Theta Kappa meeting for new members was held October 11 where the purpose and perks of joining PTK were explained.

The meeting started with the president of the FM Phi Theta Kappa club greeting the attendees and explaining how PTK was created with the intent to recognize the academic achievements of those with a 3.5 or higher grade-point-average. Not only does PTK give recognition, it also offers programs and opportunities to improve leadership skills.

A PTK membership lasts a life time and as long as a member’s GPA stays around a 3.0 they will still receive the benefits of membership. One of the most apparent benefits is the access to scholarships, the average member receiving $2,500 just for being in PTK. There is the potential to earn much more although nearly all scholarships earned are only available to those transferring.

Phi Theta Kappa also gives members access to a network of peers that can offer numerous opportunities and support. Members will meet advisors, mentors, college officials, and potential lifelong friends through PTK.

At FM there is a PTK meeting held every Tuesday, but there are also local, regional, and international meetings. These are less common, but provide an opportunity to meet many more influential people.

The induction ceremony for new members was held on October 13.

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