Presidential Race Heats Up :Election Day Approaches

By: Joseph McQueen 


The 2016 Presidential race is heating up as it gets closer to Election Day on November 8, and people at FM have mixed opinions on the candidates.

This year’s Presidential race has been one of the most lopsided races in our country’s history, being that it’s between two unpopular candidates, which most Americans are disappointed with having to choose from.

The 2016 election comes in a time where America has become a divided country, both politically and racially. With the choices between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, many people are stuck with who they want as our next President.

“Both of them are idiots” said Tyler Van Hoesen, a sophomore Computer Science major at FM.

Most Americans plan on voting for one candidate because they’re against the other. Van Hoesen said “I would rather have Trump over Hillary and I don’t like Hillary because she buys opinions.” Van Hoesen went on to say that he likes Libertarian Gary Johnson more than Trump and Clinton because he likes what Johnson has to offer.

The recent debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The debate was a town hall debate, where the public was able to ask questions directly to the candidates. The ratings for the debate dropped 20 percent from the first one with Nielsen reporting 66.5 million views.

Freshman Constructive Technology major Thailyer Hanrahan said “The debate was a complete joke. I couldn’t take it seriously and I only watched the first 20 minutes of it.”

One big question that is being asked about this election is voter turnout. During the primary season, it was reported that the voter turnouts were high, but for the general election, it’s a concern how many Americans will actually go out and vote. In 2012, it was estimated that 57.5 percent of eligible voters turned out.

“I’m not registered yet, but I do plan on [restistering] soon and I will go out and vote,” Tyler Van Hoesen said.

Thailyer Hanrahan said “I am registered to vote, but i’m not sure yet whether I’ll actually vote.”

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