Raiders Roundup : FM Fall Teams on Fire!

By: Bam Collins 

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For the first time FM has a nationally ranked team.

The volleyball team is currently undefeated in the region, and took over the number one spot in the process, and number six ranking in the nation. The soccer team follows the Lady Raiders with their own successful season after having back to back 1-18 seasons, they are really stepping up.

Coach Jones, Women’s Head Basketball coach and the school’s Athletic Director, stated, “They [FM’s soccer team] are 6-5-1 and if they win one or two more of their games they will be in the regionals for the first time since 2009.”

With the Sports department doing so well, FM looks to start the year off with the inaugural season of the co-ed Cross Country team that has done well enough to compete in the Conference Championships on October 22 at Herkimer College. Added to the list is both men’s and women’s Golf and Bowling whose seasons won’t start until the spring semester.

“A Lot of community colleges have been experiencing a decline in student enrollment and one way we looked at fixing that was athletics. We decided to start Bowling, Cross Country, and Golf in the fall of 2016 as new sports, and we hope it would help attract more more students in the process,” stated Jane Kelly, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Coach Jones agreed, saying, “We wanted to offer more to the kids. Not everybody that comes to the school comes play baseball, basketball or even soccer. We wanted to give some more options for the students and we thought with the addition of those teams we can bring some more kids as well as not having a huge demand for funding as well.”

Jane Kelly added, “Part of our plan was to add lacrosse but we made the decision to delay that for a year. We need more time to accommodate for the field along with the accommodations for the team use [of] the locker room [so] we will just have to wait.”

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