Runway Show or Wake up and Go?

By: Keyshea Mackey 

What’s most important to you when waking up? Maybe breakfast or a shower, or perhaps finding what to wear. While some just throw on sweats, others dress to impress.

Tanyra Thomas said, “I dress nice on days that I have a lot of classes. On days I have 1 or 2 classes, I just put on sweatpants or something comfortable because I know I’m going back to my room soon.” Thomas went on to say how other students may feel like they have to dress up to look better than the other students, but for some that is not the case.

Thomas added, “You’re only going to class and back to dorms or home, there is no need to look like you’re about to go walk on the runway.”

Unlike Tanyra, another student, Mariana Dasilva, would rather dress to impress. “I love to dress to impress but only for myself. I don’t like leaving the house looking any type of way. I like to be presentable,” said Dasilva.

For some students it seems that dressing up and looking good is important, while some students like Queyshaun Jones believe it doesn’t matter how you look.

Jones said, “We come to class to learn, not to pay attention to each other’s fashion.”

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