The Scoop on Small Business Owning

By: Lauren Adams 

Wemple & Edicks is a small old fashioned Ice Cream shop located in Sammonsville, New York run by current owners Bob and Laura Channell.

Wemple & Edicks is a very successful locally-owned business. The business has been run by Bob and Laura Channell for 15 years, and will continue to be open for years to come. Laura explained that the business keeps growing and getting better as each year goes by and the business becomes better known.

Wemple & Edicks has been around since 1897, and has been owned by many different people. Laura explained that they were first approached by the previous owners to run the business because her and her husband had a successful business before, and they could be trusted with such a business. She also stated that they had to “build up the business from what it was, because the previous owners weren’t very present in the business.”

When asked what the most challenging part of owning a small business was, Laura said, “the money doesn’t actually belong to you,” meaning the owners of the business don’t make a direct profit and need to balance many expenses with the everyday income. She also said that managing staff is a challenging part of the job. She said, “I want everyone to have the same values and excitement about the business, and for everyone to feel a little bit of ownership.”

The shop is always open to new ideas from customers. Wemple & Edicks will be open for people to enjoy for many years to come, and Bob and Laura hope to see the business grow even more.

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