All ‘Fore’ Golf

By: Jennifer Tran

According to Kevin Jones, FM’s Athletic Director, FM has a three-year plan to add new sports to the athletic program, and golf is one of them.

Rich Scott, the Golf coach, said the new golf team is fairly small, with only two solid players, Alex Bond and Cameron DeRocker. He is looking forward to forming a team with around five players.

Jones said, “With golf, I’m really excited because Rich [Scott] is a great teacher of the game. He owns a court right here by the school. I think he’s going to be a great coach.”

Practice will take place over the winter until the season begins on April 1, 2017. Players bring their own equipment, but the team will try its best to cover others if needed.

Scott urges students who are interested to contact him or Kevin Jones as soon as possible.

Scott added, “Golf is a lifetime sport, and FM is giving this opportunity to both men and women on campus. I’ll do everything I can to make them become better players, and the college will also help to make them better students.”

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