Does Being an Athlete Affect Your GPA ?

By: Austin Comstock


Sports are an important aspect of the college experience for some students but it can also influence their GPA.

Sports require a lot of time and effort from athletes that a college student might not always have. Over the past 10 semesters student athletes on average have a 2.38 GPA while the average GPA of all students is 2.44.

Handling school and a sports can be difficult, according to Yauza Arauz, who said, “It’s hard to find the balance. Sometimes it takes a while to balance both schedules and deal with homework.”

According to Arauz, student athletes may even value the sport over their school work. “I tend to find the sport more important. It’s the love I have for the game, but in the back of my heart I know school is first,” said Arauz.

The average GPA for athletes hasn’t always been lower. From the spring semester in 2014 to the fall semester in 2015 their average was actually higher. The sport may take away potential studying time but it also gives a person many peers who are willing to help.

Ashely Garcia said, “I feel like my team was very supportive, we still have study dates and encourage each other.”

Garcia added, “As [a] student athlete it needs to be understood that the student comes first and the athlete comes second.”

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