‘Incredibles 2’ Gets a New Release Date

By Marissa Nellis

“The Incredibles 2” is coming to theaters a lot sooner than we thought as the sequel and the upcoming “Toy Story 4” will be switching release dates.

According to a Disney/Pixar statement, Brad Bird, the writer and director, and his team have been working with lightning speed on the new movie and it will be ready earlier than the studio originally thought. The film is now going to arrive in June 2018 instead of the originally planned June 2019 release date. “Toy Story 4” will now fill the vacated 2019 slot.

According to Brad Bird, “The Incredibles 2” is going to be way different than the original. He said in a statement, “The one thing that you don’t have in this movie that you had in the first one, is that you don’t have the family discovering, or rather, the kids discovering their powers. So you have to move the story ahead and say, ‘What else can you do?’”

Samuel L. Jackson, who voiced the popular character Frozone in the first film, has also made a confirmation regarding the sequel. While doing the press tour for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in 2014, Jackson confirmed that he’s been talking with Bird for a long time and has plans to reprise his role in the nethe_incredibles_2_d23_posterw movie.

Official confirmations and details regarding the film have been slim at best as both Pixar and Bird have been pretty hush-hush on information since the movie was announced in 2014. However, there have been plenty of fan theories circulating the internet as to what the long-awaited sequel will bring.

One such fan theory is that the main villain will be one of the Incredible/Parr family members. The most popular speculation has been that the youngest child, Jack-Jack, will be the villain. At the end of the original movie, along with the Pixar short Jack-Jack Attack, it was discovered that Jack-Jack has a multitude of superpowers including super strength and laser vision, and can shapeshift, change mass, phase through objects, teleport, and “flame on.” Most fans have been going crazy about this theory because he has the most powerful superpowers among the Parr family and would thus be the most powerful villain.

Other fans, however, suggest that the main villain might actually be Dash Parr, the lightning fast middle child. These fans argue that Dash would be the villain because he’s the most rebellious one and that because he’s the middle child, it is clichéd that he would be the biggest problem child.

These theories are of course just speculation and meant to keep us hyped-up about the upcoming sequel. One thing we can rely on is that more and more information is sure to come out in the coming months as the new release date draws near.


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