Tuition Rising at FM

By: Jeanne Winton.


As a result of economic strain, colleges around the country, including FM, have had to raise tuition.

“I think everybody expects that costs increase,” said President Swanger, in response to FM’s recent tuition raise.

Swanger went on to say that he usually tries to raise costs in small increments around

$50-70, unlike the $300 increase FM had this year which according to Swanger was, “much higher than I would have liked to have seen, but necessary given the lack of state support that we’ve been seeing over the last couple years.”

Community college tuition is supposed to receive a third of the funding from the state, the counties, and the students. Due to disproportionate funding, the dynamic has shifted in a way that the student now fosters 45% of the costs instead of the original 33%.

Many colleges have been affected by economic troubles, some experiencing around a 3-4% increase in their tuition.

With schools like Penn State and John Hopkins experiencing major tuition raises, some up to $700 in difference, it’s expected that smaller schools would also be affected. Swanger also spoke about how classrooms have evolved, and classes are expected to utilize multimedia technology, raising the cost of attending classes.

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